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Welcome to the OpenAgri consortium! We are thrilled to introduce the diverse and dynamic team working together to drive innovation in the agricultural sector. The OpenAgri consortium brings together a balanced mix of stakeholders, each contributing unique expertise to achieve our ambitious project objectives.

Who We Are

The OpenAgri consortium consists of 18 partners from various sectors, including universities, research institutes, farmers and farmers’ associations, farm advisors, Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs) providers, software developers, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), and NGOs. This multidisciplinary team ensures that we cover a wide range of practical and theoretical expertise necessary for the project’s success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, deploy, and promote the uptake of open-source ADSs that can function even in remote areas with weak connectivity. By doing so, we aim to strengthen production and administrative capacities in agriculture. The consortium’s well-structured organisational framework supports the successful implementation of our objectives through a multi-actor approach, engaging all relevant stakeholders.

Let’s meet some of the key players:

Universities and Research Institutes: Partners like the University of Maastricht (UM), the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), and the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) bring their research muscle to the table. They’ll be instrumental in developing the core OpenAgri technologies and piloting them in real-world settings.

Farm Businesses and Organisations: Farmer associations like the innovation support centre of Boerenbond (ISP) and farm businesses like EMBIO will be crucial partners. They’ll provide user insights, participate in co-creating the tools, and test them on their farms. This ensures the solutions we develop are truly farmer-centric.

Technology Developers and SMEs: Companies like SCIO, LF, and VIZLORE are the tech wizards behind the project. They’ll develop the OpenAgri Decision Support Tool (DST) and the OS ADSs that will empower farmers with data-driven insights.

Advisory Organizations and DIHs: Partners like WODR and the Green Supply Chain Digital Innovation Hub (GSC) bridge the gap between research and practice. They’ll work with farmers and advisors to ensure the tools are user-friendly and effectively integrated into existing agricultural practices.

NGOs and Foundations: Partners like P2PLAB and Foodscale Hub (FSH) bring valuable expertise in areas like open-source software development, digital transformation, and building collaborative communities. They’ll help foster a vibrant ecosystem around OpenAgri’s solutions.

Leadership and Key Contributions

The overall work plan of the OpenAgri project relies on 5 interrelated work packages (WPs) that unfold over 36 months.

University of Maastricht

UM coordinates the project and leads WP2 in creating reusable OpenAgri OS Services. Their Institute of Data Science (IDS) focuses on software development, while their Department of Society Studies (SSt) supports usability and sociotechnical analysis. Also, UM leads the WP5 dedicated to the activities that deal with the management, coordination and monitoring of the project and enable the efficient progress of its work.

Agricultural University of Athens

AUA leads WP3 on OpenAgri Pilots and participates in SIP1 through its DIH on Smart Farming. Their expertise in precision farming and field experiments is invaluable.


EV ILVO leads WP1 on Context Mapping and Decision Support and SIP3 in Belgium. They have demonstrated experience in sensor-based ADSs and managing spatial data.

Foodscale Hub

FSH leads WP4, focusing on Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication activities. Their experience in H2020 and Horizon Europe projects ensures effective outreach and engagement.

Our Vision for the Future

Together, the OpenAgri consortium is creating a future where technology empowers farmers and enhances agricultural productivity. By leveraging the strengths of our diverse partners, we aim to develop scalable, open-source solutions that make agriculture more sustainable and efficient.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and the innovative solutions we are bringing to the agricultural sector. Together, we are building a brighter future for agriculture!

Learn More

For more information about our partners and their contributions, visit our website and follow our journey on social media, towards transforming agriculture through technology and collaboration.

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