OpenAgri - Where Inclusive
Innovation Meets Agriculture!

We believe in the power of open-source software and open hardware Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs) to drive innovation, transparency, and accessibility in agriculture.

Unified Vision: Open Source, Open Hardware,
Inclusive Community

Democratising Technology

Empowering farmers through open-source software and hardware, fostering collaboration and data-driven farming.

Overcoming Barriers

Tackling cost concerns, building trust, and addressing connectivity issues to drive widespread adoption of ADSs.

Innovative Collaboration

Engaging farmers and advisors in participatory prototyping, ensuring ADSs are tailored to real-world needs.

Why OpenAgri Matters

Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs): Our 14 SIPs that will be spread across Europe and serve as innovation hubs, will address critical challenges in agricultural production.

Adaptive Approach: We stay dynamic with ongoing Open Calls for SIPs, adapting to evolving policy and technology landscapes.

Decision Support Tool: Our vision includes a tool that guides decision-makers in selecting the best ADSs, informed by in-depth analyses and SIP results.

Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs):

OpenAgri in Numbers:


European countries

Collaborative Community:

farmers actively shaping ADSs


edge, cloud, and mixed-model ADSs analysed


years of extensive analysis of EU countries

Decision Support
Tool Impact:


improvement in decision-making efficiency

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