OpenAgri at the 91st International Agriculture Fair

People at the International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad

The 91st International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad pulsed with the energy of innovation and a collaborative spirit. Over 125,000 visitors, including farmers, industry professionals, and researchers, explored cutting-edge advancements in agriculture. The OpenAgri project actively participated in this key event, showcasing its mission to empower farmers with open-source technology.

Open-Source Solutions for Practical Agricultural Challenges

Our presence at the Fair provided a valuable forum for engagement with a diverse audience interested in the potential of open-source Agricultural Digital Solutions (OS ADSs). Farmers from the region inquired about how these digital tools could address the specific challenges they face. Many expressed keen interest in the solutions that could optimise resource management, improve yields, and enhance farm efficiency, particularly in areas with limited internet connectivity.

OpenAgri representatives engaged in productive discussions with:

  • Farmers: We explored the potential of OS ADSs to tailor data-driven decision-making to their specific cropping systems and requirements.
  • Agricultural advisors: Collaboration with advisors is crucial for ensuring the practical implementation and user-friendliness of OS ADSs for farmers on the ground.
  • Technology providers: Discussions focused on exploring synergies between existing ADS solutions and the open-source framework advocated by OpenAgri.
  • Policymakers: We highlighted the potential of OS ADSs to bridge the digital divide in agriculture and empower small farms, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable agricultural sector.

In addition to showcasing OpenAgri’s work, the Fair provided a platform to highlight synergies with other projects like AGRARIAN, which explores the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for sustainable agriculture. This emphasis on collaboration across initiatives reinforces our commitment to a more unified approach to innovation in the agricultural sector.

Presenting AGRARIAN at the International Agricultural Fair.

A Hub for Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration

Our partners, Foodscale Hub (FSH), played a pivotal role in facilitating these interactions, leveraging their established connections within the Serbian agricultural community.
Visitors were particularly interested in learning about the project’s network of 14 Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs) across Europe. These SIPs serve as real-world laboratories for developing and piloting OS ADS solutions tailored to address the unique agricultural needs of diverse regions.

Open Call for Innovation: Shaping the Future of Agriculture Together

A key highlight of our participation at the Fair was the upcoming OpenAgri Open Call. This initiative offers an opportunity for farmers and ADS providers to partner and co-create innovative solutions through pilot projects. The Open Call is scheduled for September 2024, and we encourage all interested stakeholders to participate in shaping the future of open-source agricultural technologies.

OpenAgri materials

Building a Sustainable and Inclusive Agricultural Future

The OpenAgri team left the International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad with renewed optimism and a strengthened commitment to its mission. The enthusiastic response from the agricultural community underscored the critical need for accessible and adaptable digital solutions for farmers. By fostering collaboration, leveraging open-source technologies, and conducting research tailored to regional requirements, OpenAgri is confident in playing a key role in building a more sustainable, efficient, and inclusive agricultural future for Europe.

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