SIP Leader: Institut de l’Elevage (IDELE)

Sector: Livestock / beef production

Country of the pilot: France

Partners involved: IDELE (SIP Leader, ADS) / CIRBEEF (Farm and end users)

Target group: Farmers

Technology used: UHF RFID antennas (860 – 960 MHz), data loggers and UHF ear tags for each animal to monitor attendance in an area of interest
Short description and goal: This ADS aims to provide breeders with a digital solution for remote animal monitoring. The system will consist of monitoring the presence of animals at a water trough, extracting drinking habits and providing alerts.

The aim is to provide a cost-effective early warning system for areas with low connectivity (limiting the use of expensive sensors, promoting EID) while allowing farmers to monitor animal activity, identify animals that are sick or exhibit unexpected behaviour.
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