Institut de l’Elevage

The mission of the Livestock Institute is to improve the competitiveness of herbivorous livestock farming and their sectors in a constantly evolving context. Its activities provide technical and innovative solutions to cattle, sheep, goat and horse breeders as well as industry players. They provide answers to societal questions and current issues, serving those involved in livestock farming and its sectors.

The Livestock Institute is a technical institute whose work focuses on the following areas of expertise: sector economics, genetics, herd management and production, environment, animal feed, breeding equipment, dairy products and meat , digital, health and animal welfare.

Our team is dedicated to new technologies and their use for precision breeding, in order to provide digital solutions and decision support tools to breeders.

Role in the project:

Idele will lead the Sustainable Innovative Pilot No. 2 (SIP) relating to livestock breeding, and particularly the monitoring of grazing animals.
IDELE will work in collaboration with the CIRBEEF innovation center specializing in the production of meat from dairy herds. The ambition of the SIP is to provide breeders with a digital solution for remote animal monitoring. The system will consist of monitoring the presence of animals in the watering area and transmitting alerts to breeders in the event of detection of atypical animal behaviour.


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