Eden Library

Eden Library is a spinoff company of the Agricultural University of Athens established in 2021. Eden Library is our project initiative to bring together AI experts, agronomists & software engineers and deliver impactful solutions in the domain of smart farming, agri-robotics, artificial intelligence and plant care. In order to disrupt agriculture through AI, Eden Library provides services ranging from ready-to-use datasets for AI projects and a camera-based pest and enemy detection device (Eden Library Viewer). We aspire to push forward technologies that improve crop care. Eden Library’s mission is to close the gap between computer vision and real world agri-food challenges, using cutting edge models & tools.

Role in the project:

Eden Library is set to focus on a sustainable Pilot 1, utilizing its innovative device, the Viewer, for pest and disease detection in vineyards. In this pilot case Tselepos and Kyr-Gianni wineries will offer their fields as testing grounds for the Viewer technology. The device will be employed for visual scouting and monitoring tasks within the vineyards, encompassing disease detection, canopy density profiling, yield measurement, and forecasting. Additionally, this pilot will explore and test an integrated edge and cloud solution for managing the image stream, alongside evaluating the energy efficiency achieved by each solution.


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