Centre d’Innovation et de Recherche des Bouvier

CIRBEEF, the Bouviers innovation and research center, is located in Brittany. It is located at the heart of an important dairy basin and the leading region for producing veal calves and slaughtering beef in France. The pedoclimatic conditions are those observed in the West of France and therefore favorable to forage production.

The production workshop is dedicated to the valorization of meat from the dairy herd (oxen, young bulls, heifers, cows), in production schemes based on fodder and pasture.
Overall, it is about seeking more value for breeders and sectors, in line with market demands.

This work aims to provide precise answers to breeders and must, of course, be in line with the expectations of the sector but also of society: reduction of inputs and protein autonomy, adaptation to global warming, reduction of energy consumption. energy, meat qualities.

The 80 ha farm produces 150 oxen or heifers per year from 15-day-old dairy calves.

Role in the project:

CIRBEEF plays a role in the OpenAgri project in Sustainable Innovation Pilot 2 (SIP2) in France. CIRBEEF, compares Edge versus cloud solutions to help breeders in the daily monitoring/checking of different flocks of the farm, especially when animals are far from the farm. The goal is to provide a cost-effective early warning system for areas with low connectivity (limit the use of expensive sensors, promote EID) while allowing breeders to monitor animal activities, identify sick animals or exhibiting unexpected behavior.


Project Coordination:

Prof. Christopher Brewster
Maastricht University

Minderbroedersberg 4-6,
6211 LK Maastricht,
christopher.brewster@ maastrichtuniversity.nl

Project Communication:

Maja Radisic
Foodscale Hub

Narodnog fronta 73, 
Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

maja@foodscalehub.com  foodscalehub.com

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